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As parents of a 12 year old daughter and boys ages 7 and 9 we have experienced many experiences in youth sports, but our experience with All Star Baseball Academy has been by far the best and we have been completely satisfied since day 1. Our kids have enjoyed the clinics, camps and private lessons and we as parents have enjoyed watching them blossom with their baseball /softball skills, their self-confidence and overall maturity. Our daughter plays travel softball and oldest son is playing travel baseball, we know that the time at All Star helps to give them a leg up on their competition! Just as impressive as the on field results are the intangibles that come with the experience. The staff is unbelievable from the minute we walk through the door. Each and every one of the coaches and staff members always has a smile on their face and brings an upbeat attitude to what they are doing. In every interaction with our children they make a positive impression! Thanks for doing what you do!

-Dan L., ASBA Downingtown Customer

My son Mike already had a good swing and a good technique. In thirty lessons (2X per week) over the past 5 months, the ASBA hitting instructor refined Mike's hitting mechanics, show Mike how to harness his power and bat speed, and improved his consistency to the point that Mike makes quality contact with almost every swing.

Defensively, Mike was never a natural with his glove at any position. His ASBA instructor is teaching Mike the finer points of being a good first baseman. Mike is learning about cuts, relays, charging the ball, and the proper way to throw. His instructor integrates conditioning drills with the technical drills and shows Mike how to use his natural athleticism and agility to his advantage. Now, Mike reads the ball better and uses good footwork to get himself in the right position to make the right play most of the time. Mike routinely scoops balls in the dirt and wide of either side of the bag. He makes better decisions and more accurate, efficient throws to cut down base runners. Recently, Mike started learning the nuances of catching, too, hoping to become a quality receiver.

Both of his instructors know how to connect with Mike. Mike loves how they challenge him and looks forward to working with them every week. He can truly see the remarkable improvement in his game, and, as a result of a partnership of superior instruction by ASBA and Mike's hard work, Mike may well be on his way to making the varsity in his freshman year.

-Father of Michael P., ASBA Cherry Hill Customer

Through the personal instruction programs at All-Star, my son, Joe, has grown from an average little league pitcher to an elite pitcher at one of the most competitive all boys high schools in the area. With Pitching Instructor, Tom Curtiss, and his commitment to solid fundamentals, he has gained a huge amount of confidence which has transformed into mound presence, which is the X-factor that separates one young pitcher from another. This cannot be taught. It is gained through confidence in your ability, which comes through training. As a father and a little league coach myself, I was only to take my son so far. If your son wants to play at the next level, I suggest you call All-Star Baseball Academy and inquire about their many programs for all level players.

-Joe C., ASBA Warminster Customer

In my opinion, the ASBA program is second to none! We were introduced to ASBA Warminster-Hatboro by a pitching coach from one of your contemporaries in the area. After receiving private pitching lessons at your facility, we were encouraged to have my son Nick tryout for the ASBA team. Since joining the team, we have seen Nick grow not only as a baseball player, but as a young man. The coaching staff have heightened Nick's understanding of the game and the fundamentals necessary to be successful, both of which have attributed to his love of baseball. The coaching and experience that Nick received has dramatically improved the level of his game as well. It is because of the personal interest your organization has in our children that I have and will continue to promote ASBA to the Warminster Baseball Association. As for my son, he hopes of playing college baseball. I know that he will achieve this goal due in part from the relationship with ASBA.

-Jason C., ASBA Warminster Customer

My son, Beau, played for several travel organizations. Although they all had something good to share, it wasn't until we made the decision to play with Todd Davison from All-Star Baseball Academy that we got the entire package. All-Star Baseball Academy's organization, by far, offered the most value and contact to continue playing at the collegiate level.

In the summer of Beau's senior year, he verbally committed to Georgetown University and signed his Letter of Intent that November. Beau put in a lot of time and work, giving up most of his weekends and spending time with family and friends, and easily became aware of the talent that surrounded him.

There were many times he wanted to throw in the towel and be a kid, but because of Todd's personality and ability to connect to Beau, he kept him on track and in the game. He was by far the most influential coach Beau ever had; teaching him not only the technical aspects of the game and what it takes to continue to play at the next level, but most importantly, he taught Beau the most difficult aspect of baseball - the mental component.

Although Beau has already committed to Georgetown University, he continues to work out with Todd on a weekly basis. Believe me, if Todd had/has the patience and perseverance to do all this with Beau, he has my vote for the best coach, instructor, and mentor ever!

-Mary Anne G., ASBA Customer

Having interacted with multiple coaches, multiple teams and multiple instructors at All-Star Baseball Academy I can say without reservation that ASBA has been great to deal with. They're well known and respected in the industry and their connections with scouts and recruiters are unmatched. Mention ASBA at any premier event and people know exactly who they are. We've put 2 kids through the WC facility over the last 10 years and cost for value ratio it's the best money we've spent on baseball. They were, above all, invaluable mentors and advisors when it came to the college recruiting process. They were pivotal in helping my son reach his potential and commit to playing D-1 college baseball 2 weeks after finishing his junior year in HS. Our family is proud of our association with ASBA and grateful for their help, candor and friendship.

-Bob Shanfeldt, ASBA West Chester Customer

I would like to thank the many instructors that have worked with my son Kyle at All-Star Baseball Academy. When Kyle was 8, he wanted to tryout for travel baseball. He made the team because they took two 14 year old teams and only a small few were cut. It was apparent to us that he was a little behind, and if he wanted to play at that level, we needed to get him some extra help.

All-Star Baseball Academy private lessons were one of the best investments we made in our child.

Kyle can be difficult because he has ADHD. The coaches at All-Star Baseball Academy were patient with him; they managed to keep him in line, motivated him, and made things fun as he learned. It has been great for his overall self-confidence.

Many of the parents on the team have asked what we did to help. We mentioned the lessons at All-Star Baseball Academy and now a few of his teammates are also taking lessons. Over the summer, we played in a tournament, and it was up to the coaches to select the MVP of each game. The MVPs selected by the coaches were kids who took lessons at All-Star Baseball Academy. They all played great and got big hits in the games!

In addition to the lessons, Kyle has really enjoyed going to summer camp at All-Star Baseball Academy. We always like watching Kyle play ball, but it is so much more exciting now that we are all confident in his level of play.

Thank you so much,

-Tracy T., ASBA Warminster Customer

All-Star Baseball Academy has been the right fit for our son, Tommy, for a number of reasons. First and foremost, he loves baseball. And ASBA, in particular Ryan McCormick and Jason Aikens, has found a way to relate to him and instruct him in the way that he learns best. Both Ryan and Jason focus on the fundamentals, the proper technique, the benefits of having a good attitude, teamwork, etc. But, they manage to do it while having fun and treating him like the 11 year old boy that he is.

There is no doubt in my mind that Tommy has gotten and is getting better because of ASBA and the quality people they have on staff. We and Tommy look forward to having a relationship with ASBA throughout his baseball career, wherever that may take him.

-Chuck B., ASBA Downingtown Customer

Do I like the confidence I see in my son's eyes when he steps into the batter's box during a game? Absolutely. There's no question that's one of the biggest benefits of the personalized training at All-Star Baseball Academy.

He also spends time working with the Academy's highly skilled and personable coaching staff developing his fielding fundamentals, pitching, and learning many of the tools he needs to be a well-rounded ball player. But you know what I like more than anything? The smile I see on his face each and every time he walks through the doors of the Academy. It's that same smile he has when he's dreaming about playing centerfield for the Phillies one day.

For children who are truly interested in putting effort into baseball, and pursuing their passion, All-Star Baseball Academy helps bring kids just one step closer to their dreams. I am a big fan!

-Jodi S., ASBA Downingtown Customer

We have been very impressed with the progress that Michael and Nicole have made in baseball and softball through the tutelage and training at All-Star Baseball Academy. I for one never realized the intricacies of the two games and how different the skill sets are. Fortunately I didn't attempt to teach them as I would have had Nicole throwing like a boy and Michael throwing incorrectly. I am amazed how the instructors at ASBA dissect the swing and the throw.

Best thing I did was leave the teaching to ASBA.

-Peter & Karen Iliff, ASBA Warminster Customer

My son Nick has been taking lessons at All-Star Baseball Academy in Downingtown for just over two years and is currently on the Downingtown 10u team. When we started out, I was looking to find him the best instruction, but I also wanted to make sure he would have fun in the process. All-Star Baseball Academy has not only delivered on both counts but has exceeded my expectations. Nick's coaches and instructors have been excellent, and I could not be more pleased with the overall experience and the results that I have seen in his play. Not only has Nick's ability and knowledge of the game grown tremendously, but so has his love for the game. I highly recommend All-Star Baseball Academy to any parent who is looking for the best instruction and experience for their child.

-Tim M., ASBA Downingtown Customer

My sons have been training at ASBA Cherry Hill for several years now. I cannot say enough positive things about the instructors themselves, and the level of instruction that is consistently delivered.

What separates All-Star Baseball Academy apart from others is that their staff is truly engaged, still passionate about the game, and committed to developing the players with which they work. Whether my kids are receiving private lessons, taking part in a clinic or playing on an ASBA team, as a parent I appreciate the professional, hands-on approach that I witness in all areas.

Thank you to the great team at ASBA, and we look forward to being part of the program for years to come.

-Merrik K., ASBA Cherry Hill Customer

My son has been a student at All-Star Baseball Academy for 4 years, and my daughter for the past 2 years. My son has taken private lessons, enrolled in camps, and multiple other group lesson packages. My son was also on the last 3 out of 4 tournament teams for ASBA.

Although he has struggles, he played 7 out of 9 positions during a recent tournament. He pitched two great innings with 4 strikeouts and played solid defensively. With the help of the new couching staff at ASBA, he is hitting the ball to the fence and had 4 RBI's during the recent tournament.

Most importantly, the coaches are mentoring the kids to be leaders. My daughter made the 8 year old township softball tournament team as a 7 year old because she can hit the ball.

I'm glad to see my kids reaching the goals that the coaches set, and the ones the coaches are helping them set for themselves. Thank you, John, Mike, Evan, Sean, Dale, Matt, Ty, Jess, Megan, Ryan, Ben, and all the other great coaches at All-Star Baseball Academy.

-The Bates Family, ASBA Warminster Customer

When we became parents to 3 boys within 5 years, we assumed sports would a part of our everyday lives. We were correct! All 3 of our boys have a love of sports, and baseball has become one of their favorites.

We were fortunate enough to be introduced to ASBA about 5 years ago. We have never been disappointed with any aspect of the organization. We utilize their expert staff for private pitching and batting lessons, group clinics, and have participated in their travel teams.

They do a fantastic job teaching all aspects of the game, from batting, to fielding, to pitching, as well as entire game strategy.

It is actually not even these major baseball skills that we appreciate so much. The way that ASBA has taught our boys respect, discipline, confidence, leadership, and sportsmanship is what makes them top notch.

Even though the staff at ASBA take the game and their jobs very seriously, they still manage to create a welcoming atmosphere of excitement and fun. Each child is treated and taught as an individual with specialized attention given to their specific needs and strengths. They encourage every child to try their best, and as long as they work hard, any goal is attainable.

-Marcia W., ASBA Downingtown Customer

My two sons (ages 12 and 14) have been training with All-Star Baseball Academy for close to two years now. I have been thoroughly happy and impressed with their program and instruction. Both of my boys have improved above my expectations in the areas of hitting, fielding and pitching.

The staffs' knowledge of the proper mechanics of the game, coupled with their ability to teach it to youth players, is what I find most appealing about the program. Javi, Nick, Joe, Andrew, Ryan, Todd and all the staff have been great and my kids really enjoy the learning experience each and every time they go.

I have had my boys to several other programs in the area before finding out about All-Star Baseball Academy. I would recommend All-Star over these other programs to any parent who would like their child to receive proper baseball instruction from instructors that really know how to relate to the player (whatever the age group they may be). One last note, besides the great experience with All-Star for private lessons, we are playing tournament ball for All-Star for the first time this fall, and I am very impressed with the coaches and the in game experience we are receiving.

Warmest regards,

-Tim S., ASBA Cherry Hill Customer

My son is 13 years old and coming from a serious baseball family, he played baseball since he was 5 years old. A few years ago, he was put on a team and drafted 1st in his age group by a high school coach from Florida who said he saw talent in my son. Half way through a very horrible season with this coach, my son gave up baseball altogether and has not played in 4 years. This was very hard for us to take. He joined a travel soccer team and continued to play soccer.

This past summer, we began to take him to All-Star Baseball Academy to play and get lessons. I wanted to pass on the amazing job your staff has done to reignite the love of baseball back in my son. Coach Nick Speakman has done an amazing job getting my son to love the game, improve his hitting and fielding and overall enjoy putting a bat back in his hand. Coach Dan Williams also had a part in his coaching. The friendly attitude they project really made my son engage and want to improve his skills and get back into the game. They made him truly love baseball again. I feel coaches like this should always get the recognition they deserve.

Thank you to Coach Nick and Coach Dan and everyone at ASBA in Cherry Hill.

-Gina W., ASBA Cherry Hill Customer

My son Jaxon has been going to All-Star Baseball Academy for about a year now. He has taken private lessons for hitting and catching. He also played on the 11u spring team. All the coaches have helped him develop into the player he is, and are helping him develop into the player he will become.

ASBA coaches are professional and yet very caring. They have pushed him to become a better player and person on and off the field. My son has trained at several of the area training facilities and none of them compare to ASBA.

At ASBA, he's not just a dollar sign, but an opportunity for these gentlemen to share their love and knowledge of the game with him. My son looks forward to the days he goes to ASBA and is disappointed when he doesn't go.

-Tina C., ASBA Cherry Hill Customer

What a wonderful organization! We were looking for a positive baseball experience that would challenge our kids while teaching them strong fundamentals and a true sense of team. We have certainly found that at All-Star Baseball Academy.

The talent of the coaches goes well beyond being good ball players - they're great coaches. The focus is on the kids, because they care about the kids. The confidence the coaches instill in them shows and is with them every time my boys step on the field.

-Jeneane B., ASBA Downingtown Customer

We began our relationship with All-Star Baseball Academy in Downingtown over two years ago. Jake started at age 6 with Coach Robb (Mullen) and has participated in individual lessons, clinics, camps and other activities. He learned from and enjoyed each one.

The instruction at All-Star Baseball Academy is excellent. Robb has been instrumental in Jake's development as a baseball player using the right mix of fun with fundamental instruction. All the coaches, including Robb, show a commitment, passion and enthusiasm to make each player the best they can be. We do not hesitate to refer other baseball families to All-Star Baseball Academy. They have excellent coaching and quality people in the organization. In our experience, there is not a place better in the area for developing young baseball players.

-Derek S., ASBA Downingtown Customer

For the past year and a half, our three children have participated in many of the programs that All-Star Baseball Academy has to offer; whether it be private lessons, group instruction, team tryouts, summer camps, etc. The staff is respectful, welcoming and always attentive to our children's needs. They have met each child's playing ability and individualized their training session to maximize the amount of instruction provided.

The coaches take the time to get to know the individual child, both on and off the field. All aspects of life - even those outside of the game of baseball - are important to the lessons taught by the staff at All-Star Baseball Academy. The coaching staff stands behind their mission statement using each instructional period to help children become successful individuals. Their ability to inspire and mentor the individual child through the game of baseball is simply amazing. No question goes unanswered and feedback about each child's progression is provided without hesitation.

Our children's knowledge of the game and application when playing has increased exponentially. Thank you All-Star Baseball Academy for being a part of our life! We look forward to many more years with you.

-K & P, ASBA Warminster Customer

We want to thank All-Star Baseball Academy for helping our son elevate his game. We started at the academy last winter with our travel team, and our son found all of the instructors, not only knowledgeable, but fun. When 11 year olds are having fun, they tend to learn.

My son took advantage of a 30-minute private hitting session, and he was paired up with Edwin Cieslak. He instantly clicked with the way Edwin instructed, and we have been taking private lessons since March 2014. My son's hitting and catching has improved tremendously and we recommend the academy to anyone who has a son or daughter that have a passion for baseball or softball. All of the staff that we have encountered has been knowledgeable, and you can see they all love instructing and helping our young athletes in training.

-Deborah G., ASBA West Chester Customer

All-Star Baseball Academy has been an incredibly positive experience for our son. The benefits he has derived from the team, as well as individualized training have been very rewarding. His game and technique has improved tremendously thanks to ASBA.

Our son is so PROUD to be a part of ASBA. Not a day passes that he doesn't mention ASBA with a smile on his face. Thank you to the staff, coaches and team at ASBA for what has been a great experience for all of us!

-Pam G., ASBA West Chester Customer

Robb Mullen is a multi-talented youth baseball instructor, who not only possesses a deep understanding of the game, but he has the unique ability to develop young ball players at many different positions. Robb has been working with my son (now 10) for three years and has helped him develop as a catcher, pitcher and infielder. I have watched Robb take a little boy, just out of tee-ball, and transform him into a competitive travel team baseball player who adds value to his team all over the field.

Robb has been instrumental in developing my son's swing from both sides of the plate. But, perhaps Robb's greatest talent is his ability to communicate with young players, which is no small feat.

Last year, my son was struck in the head while batting in a travel tournament. He wasn't sure he ever wanted to play the game he loves so much again. So, we went to see Robb. He took the time to talk to my son and that helped him regain his confidence. Robb put a plan in place, and amazingly within a month or so, my son couldn't wait to get back out on the field and into the batter's box.

Robb cares about his students. And, on top of that, he is energetic, enthusiastic, motivating and memorable. My son recently got a big hit to win a game, and when asked by the opposing manager where he learned to hit like that, without hesitation my son looked up and said, "Coach Robb teaches me."

-Tom D., ASBA Downingtown Customer

Our son has attended All-Star Baseball Academy, primarily at the West Chester location, over the last two years. We have been overwhelmingly surprised at how professional and effective the entire staff has been.

Our son Ryan really loves spending time with the instructors and coaches, who provide thoughtful training in a fun and enjoyable environment. The staff is consistently friendly and helpful. We love the facilities, and the lessons that our son learns stick with him season in and season out. He always looks forward to his next session at All-Star Baseball Academy!

-Steve O., ASBA West Chester Customer

We're so pleased with the excellent instruction that Jake is receiving from Taylor (Juran). His positive attitude is infectious, and he is so encouraging. You can tell how much he enjoys working with kids. Jake has come so far in such a short time thanks to Taylor.

-Jill W., ASBA Broomall Customer

Our son, Joey, was introduced to Taylor Juran by one of his coaches in the fall of 2013. We knew from that first lesson that Taylor was a perfect match for Joey. He is enthusiastic and full of positive energy. He's easy going and when a student feels comfortable with their instructor, they tend to get the most out of a lesson.

It's priceless to have my son, who plays high school ball, get instruction from someone who played and worked on the collegiate level. Taylor focuses on best practices for a young catcher who hopes to one day catch in college. He works on a player's weaknesses through explanation and demonstration. He might spend an entire lesson just on transfer or proper glove placement, building proficiency in that one area of catching before moving on. And yet, it isn't all about mechanics. It's about understanding your role in the game; developing good communication with the pitchers, setting the tone and being a leader.

Taylor goes above and beyond his part as an instructor and has taken a personal interest in our son's growth. He genuinely cares about his progress and wants him to succeed.

-Joe D., ASBA Broomall Customer

Working with Taylor has been a highlight of our time with All-Star Baseball Academy. From the first minute of a lesson, his attention and enthusiasm is 100% and that energy transfers directly into the effort of the kids. This energy is the foundation of his ability to effectively develop skills in young players.

Beyond the fundamentals, hitting work and mental aspects of the game, his experience as a catcher is incredibly valuable as we work to develop our son at the position. We're grateful for the opportunity to work with Taylor and happily recommend him to anyone looking for results from an enthusiastic and uniformly positive teacher.

-Deron & Lori A., ASBA Broomall Customer

All-Star Baseball Academy is not only teaching my son about the wonderful game of baseball, but more importantly, he's also learning many important life lessons. He's learned respect, discipline and being a good team player.

Over the past two years, Nicholas has participated in ASBA camps, lessons and now the 10U team. He looks forward to his time with the instructors and coaches, because they are able to speak at his level and make learning baseball fun. As parents we are very happy with what ASBA has done for our son.

-Nick C., ASBA Broomall Customer

My son and several of my players (11 and 12 year olds) worked with Todd Davison and All-Star Baseball Academy this past offseason and it was a very productive program. Todd focused on the minutiae of their swings with focus on preparing them not just for the immediate season, but also for future years projecting forward. He focused on what needed to be corrected or strengthened in order for the kids to be successful as they advance through all levels of organized baseball. Attention was paid to mechanics, as well as vulnerability to breaking and off-speed pitching. Todd also had the foresight to recognize and address areas that may not be an issue now, but will be as pitching becomes stronger.

We had sessions where the primary focus was on the mental side of the game, which plays an increasingly critical role as players develop. This aspect of offseason work is often overlooked or ignored altogether; it will ultimately decide a player's success regardless of skill development. Todd's experience playing professional baseball was evident, and he was able to bring his experience to the workouts. And, the boys got plenty of swings during those workouts.

Also emphasized during the workouts was teaching how to self-adjust. ASBA emphasized the players' ability to assess and evaluate their own performance and swing. It's important for a player to understand why they are getting the results they are and to make their own adjustments, whether over the course of a BP, a whole season or just a single at-bat.

All of these aspects came into play this past summer, and my kids were better prepared than their opponents. As they advanced through the summer, situation after situation arose that ASBA helped prepare them for. In many instances it made the difference.

-Alex Rice (Manager - Taney Little League), ASBA Cherry Hill Customer

Our family's experience with All-Star Baseball Academy continues to be outstanding! Both of our sons receive lessons with enthusiastic and professional, yet fun instructors, as well as participate on well-run, competitive travel teams.

We feel like the academy staff has been responsive to our children's needs and continue to work with them, so they can further develop as baseball players. We highly recommend All-Star Baseball Academy to any family wishing to move beyond recreational baseball.

-Kristin N., ASBA Broomall Customer

My son, Jack, has been taking private lessons with All-Star Baseball Academy for the past two years. Due to the knowledge, experience, and commitment of the ASBA coaches, Jack's skill set evolved to such a level that he was accepted on the ASBA travel team last year. It has been one of the best decisions that we have made for his baseball development.

The ASBA coaches are all great, dedicated, baseball players that bring their knowledge and experience to every lesson, practice and game. We are specifically impressed with our travel team coach, Taylor Juran. He brings his playing and coaching experience from Temple University, but most importantly, his enthusiasm for the game. Coach Taylor's philosophy is to teach every aspect of baseball, which includes having a great attitude, being respectful, establishing leadership qualities and a strong work ethic. In addition, he develops the boys at every position with specific emphasis on their strongest skill. One of the greatest highlights, to date, was watching the team win the championship game at a Diamond Nation tournament.

In addition to the team, we continue with private lessons to work on individual instruction for hitting, fielding and pitching. The one-on-one instruction has improved Jack's mechanics and individual development.

Thank you to the team at ASBA. It has been a great overall experience and we look forward to many more years of baseball!

-Erin S., ASBA Broomall Customer

My middle son began group lessons at All-Star Baseball Academy several years ago. I was really impressed with the knowledge of the staff and their ability to work with kids at such a young age (6 y/o). But, no matter how highly I thought of the group lessons, the individual instruction is second to none. My son has seen a few instructors over the years, and he has been seeing Evan (Fitzpatrick) for over a year now; his development is nothing short of amazing. He is now a 9 y/o that can tell you exactly what he did right and wrong on any swing or pitch. I've watched a lot of hitting and pitching instructors over the years, and these guys are hands down the best around.

-OConnor Family, ASBA Warminster Customer

My eight year old son has been going to All-Star Baseball Academy for two-plus years. We've done individual and group training. We are very happy. The instruction of the fundamentals are excellent. The training is translating into strong performances on the field. Most importantly, my son likes the instructors very much and enjoys the training.

-Jim J., ASBA West Chester Customer

Benji has been training at All-Star Baseball Academy for almost 4 years. He had the opportunity to work with several of the facilities coaches for catching and all-around training. But when he started working with Coach Nick Speakman, his skills improved dramatically. Nick's ability to explain techniques and make corrections is, by far, the best training Benji has ever received to date. Nick has shown Benji small adjustments that may not seem monumental to most, but those slight adjustments made all the difference in his blocking, batting and throwing. That has been most impressive to me that Nick can make those small adjustments, as minor as they may seem, but they've changed Benji's success. He has tremendous patience when working with any player that I have observed in addition to my son. My favorite experience I can share about Nick's training is when we were at a tournament this past spring and Benji was in the dugout. Nick was explaining plays as well as coaching the team so that Benji was understanding both successes and failures that were happening during the game. It was a constant learning experience. I cannot thank him enough for all of his guidance with Benji and look forward to having him train Benji this upcoming year.

-Michele Ferguson, ASBA Cherry Hill Customer

My son Will participated in ASBA's first ever Academic Bus Tour and being that it was a new concept, I wasn't sure what to expect. When he returned from the trip, he was genuinely excited to share with me everything he saw and experienced over the three days. I knew right away it was money well spent! With the busy schedules that we all have as parents, it's not easy to get around to eight college campuses in three days. The Academic Bus Tour accomplished that and more. Will was not only able to tour the eight campuses, but also had the opportunity to meet with baseball coaches from each school and get a behind the scenes look at the facilities. Most importantly, the bus tour allowed Will to narrow down his list of schools he was interested in based upon his "authentic" experience visiting these campuses. Thanks to the ASBA staff for putting this together and helping Will navigate through the college recruiting process.

-Steve Burgess, ASBA College Camps Customer

Having experienced the Academic Bus Tour as a Chaperone/Parent, I found that my son Michael was better able to process whether these schools were a realistic opportunity for him as a student-athlete (and something he wanted to continue to work towards). Whether or not he will ever have the opportunity to get accepted or play baseball at one of these Academic Bus Tour colleges is certainly in question. But, because of that tour he was better able to decide if those schools were going to be a good fit for him as well. Michael ended up adding 3 schools to his list that weren't even on his radar... and took 2 off of his list... because of the visits. It works both ways!!! That is an extremely valuable tool in my opinion. If you were to ask Michael and Zack (another participant) what their impression was of the Bus Tour, you are going to hear them say it was an excellent college visit experience, an excellent college baseball visit experience and a really good social experience. Michael, Zack and the entire group got to tour the campus at each college for several hours via a tour guide from the college. They went into academic buildings, dorms and cafe. They got to talk with a baseball coach from each college and get a thorough tour of the baseball facilities... in some cases the baseball coaches were the tour guides for the campus which was really cool... that happened at 4 colleges. Finally, the social experience was classic! Players from all over the PA, NJ, DE & MD areas, who had never met before, became a tight knit group within the first visit or two. In fact, to this day, they still stay in touch and are trying to get the band back together for this Mid-Atlantic Bus Tour as a reunion!

-Rob Yetter, ASBA College Camps Customer

My 12 year old boys have been taking private lessons from Ryan Doran at your Warminster location for almost 2 years. I cannot tell you what a rewarding experience this has been for both of them. I feel that this testimonial is long overdue and would like you to know what a talented instructor you have working for you. <p/>Although the boys are twins, they couldn't be more different. Ryan takes the time with each of them to break down their barriers and help them grow as pitchers, and in one's case some fielding. <p/>One is a goofball and can often lose focus. Ryan never shows frustration and is so patient and kind redirecting him in a positive way that makes the instruction effective and productive. Ryan has a keen awareness of when to push and notices every bit of progress achieved and recognizes him for it. <p/>My other son is a smart player who can get down on himself when his effort doesn't reflect what he is trying to accomplish. Ryan finds out what he is frustrated about and works through the issues explaining concepts and relating on my son's level so he feels good about the message. <p/>Overall, the boys have fun and their travel team coaches recognize the significant progress they are making. Both boys respect Ryan and never want to miss a lesson. Ryan is a positive influence which I hear the boys talk about with each other or show in their actions. He has been a great role model and worth every penny put into their baseball development. I wanted you to know about someone who has made a difference in my boys' lives.

-Kim Perillo, ASBA Warminster Customer

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